A Living Resource

The purpose of this site is to provide a source of information, knowledge, and experience on thin-layer placement (TLP) of sediment or dredged material in aquatic environments. Thin-layer placement can be used to meet a number of site- and project-specific goals, including efficient and sustainable sediment management, restoring local/regional sediment processes, sediment remediation, and habitat creation.

Our overarching goal is to share resources that will help promote successful TLP projects.

This site is organized to facilitate sharing information about TLP related to planning, designing, engineering, and operating TLP projects in the full range of contexts where TLP would be applicable and useful. To this end, we invite visitors to this site to share their project reports and other documents related to TLP, so that we can include them in this on-line library of resources and make them available to the broad technical community interested in this operational practice. For information on how to share your project information, go here.