Bayou Segnette Waterway

Project Sheet

Location: Jefferson Parish, New Orleans, LA, US

Year: 2010

Project Type(s): Sediment remediation/thin layer capping

Project Description: A pilot scale study was conducted in 2010 at Bayou Segnette Waterway to evaluate thin layer placement capacity in floating marsh areas with lower elevation as a function of spray distance. Visual inspection of the 2010 thin layer placement sites indicated that the areas appeared to be thriving one growing season after placement. Results obtained from this study showed that thin layer capacity is dependent on the location of the discharge pipe and the placement thickness of the material. If the discharge pipe is located at the top of the spoil bank (as assumed) most of the material can be placed directly on the marsh. Thin layer placement capacity ranged from 12,000 (50 ft spray distance, 0.79 in. thickness) to 143,000 CY (300 ft spray distance, 1.57 in. thickness). The success of thin layer placement on floating marsh depends on the ability of the marsh to maintain buoyancy during and after placement, and the resiliency of marsh vegetation which are influenced by the placed material thickness and physical characterization.