Commercial Township Salt Hay Farm

Project Sheet

Location: Cumberland County, Commercial Township, NJ, US

Year: 1996

Project Type(s): Habitat restoration

Project Description: Forty two hectares of diked marshes were restored at the Commercial Township Salt Hay Farm, DE. The combination of reduced sedimentation, soil compaction from heavy machinery, and soil oxidation resulted in the subsidence of the marsh surface. The addition of sediment to low elevation areas within the restoration site occurred in 1996 by utilizing dredged material from the site construction, mainly from excavation of channels and breaches in the dike. The addition of dredged material to areas of low elevation resulted in raising the marsh elevation greater than mean high water to support high marsh habitat. After three years, the Spartina alterniflora cover was 10% of the marsh surface at the Commercial Township Salt Hay. The slow recovery of the vegetation may be attributed to lower elevations than necessary for Spartina alterniflora to vegetate.