Galveston GIWW, Laguna Madre

Project Sheet

Location: Nueces, Kenedy, Kleberg, Willacy and Cameron Counties, Multiple cities in the South Texas Gulf Coast, TX, US

Project Type(s): Marsh restoration / Historical dredged material placement

Project Description: The Laguna Madre section of the GIWW requires regular maintenance dredging, hence the Dredged Material Placement Plan (DMPP) is considering thin layer placement for three placement areas (PAs). These PAs will be managed primarily for reducing impact to nearby seagrass habitat, bird use, or vegetation control. The DMMP assumes that dredged material placement activities will use a dispersing or energy dissipating device to spread the material in a thin layer to decrease the chance of burying seagrass too deep to recover and prevent causing scour holes when the material exits the discharge pipe. Long term impacts to seagrass from being covered with a thin layer of dredge material would be minimized if the material is placed in the winter months when the seagrass is photosynthetically inactive (Galveston Bay Foundation 2012).