Jamaica Bay

Project Sheet

Location: Queens County, New York City, NY, US

Year: 2000

Project Type(s): Marsh restoration / Habitat restoration

Project Description: Big Egg Marsh is a degraded marsh site located in the southern side of Jamaica Bay Sediment subsidence, sea level rise, erosion, plant mortality, and the bay isolation all contributed to marsh loss, resulting in transition of the site from Smooth Cordgrass to a bare mudflat. The main objectives of this project were to evaluate the effectiveness of a new method of sediment transfer and placement to increase marsh elevation and the growth of marsh vegetation through thin layers of placed sediment. In September 2003, approximately 8,000 CY of dredged material was placed on the surface of a 2-acre area using a 10 cm diameter nozzle (high-pressure spray). The material placement was guided by polyvinylchloride pipes arranged in a grid pattern. The thin layer placement thickness was generally 8 in.; however, a maximum of 17 in. was placed in certain areas that required more material in order to be above the reference plane. The project site along with a 2-acre control site was monitored one year pre and post-construction.