Pepper Creek

Project Sheet

Location: Sussex County, Dagsboro, DE, US

Year: 2013

Project Type(s): Marsh restoration

Project Description: Dredged material from maintenance dredging at Pepper Creek was used for rebuilding a 25 acre area of tidal marsh adjacent to Vines Creek Marina. The main purpose of the project was to mitigate the effects of marsh subsidence and sea level rise, by placing a thin layer of dredged material over the marsh. The material was dredged hydraulically and pumped to a barge located on the shoreline of the marsh. Approximately 35,000 CY of dredged material was sprayed on the marsh surface at 3,000 gal/min using a 4-in. high-pressure nozzle. The thin layer thickness ranged from 1 to 6 in. The dredging and placement operations were conducted during the winter to minimize negative impacts to the fish communities. The total project cost was $125,000. The placement area was monitored daily and is still being monitored for layer thickness, vegetation, and biological and chemical conditions.