Ward Cove

Project Sheet

Location: Ketchikan Gateway County, Ketchikan, AK, US

Year: 2001

Project Type(s): Sediment remediation/thin layer capping

Project Description: Ward Cove is a 250 acre site located on the north side of Tongass Narrows, 5 miles north of Ketchikan, AK. 80 acres of the cove were designated as an area of concern (AOC) by the USEPA due to historical releases from the Ketchikan Pulp Company. Contaminants of concern included ammonia, 4-methylphenol, and sulfide. USEPA determined that the contaminated sediments were not toxic to human or wildlife (USEPA, 2000), however, the site posed a risk for benthic macroinvertebrates. The primary objectives of the remediation efforts were to reduce the toxicity of the contaminated sediments and to stimulate colonization of the remediated areas by benthic macroinvertebrates (Becker et al. 2009). In 2001, approximately 24,000 CY of material were placed in a 6 to 12 in. thin layer cap to enhance the natural recovery of 28 acres of contaminated sediments. The remaining 52 acres were remediated using monitored natural recovery. The material was placed with a derrick barge and modified cable arm re-handling bucket, which resulted in the most consistent and uniform placement method in the deep water of the cove.