Anacostia River Fringe Wetland Creation

Project Sheet

Project Type(s): Wetland Creation

Project Description: As part of maintenance dredging, ecosystem restoration and flood control efforts, dredged material was used to create wetlands along the Anacostia. Two distinct placement areas were created, approximately 4 and 13 acres in size, respectively. Both areas were protected by sheet piling (approximately 4300 linear feet); inside of the piling, biologs (approximately 10K linear feet) were installed to help stacking the dredged material. Notches were cut out of the sheet piling to allow tidal water to flow in and out, thereby feeding water to the wetlands. A marsh buggy was used during construction to grade the larger site. 74,000 CY of dredged material was placed hydraulically between the two sites. Wild rice and other hydrophytic species (350,000 plants) were planted after construction via plug, which were protected with 31,000 feet of goose fencing. The final cost of the project was $3.3M.