Fowl River

Project Sheet

Location: Mobile County, Mobile, AL, US

Year: 1986

Project Type(s): Historical dredged material placement

Project Description: Material dredged from the Fowl River channel for maintenance purposes was typically placed open water and in wetland areas, however, the lack of adequate disposal areas lead to the use of open water thin layer placement in 1986. The main purpose of this project was to determine the physical and biological impacts caused by thin layer placement. Approximately 190,000 CY of dredged material were placed in a 6 in. thin-layer over a 240-acre open-water disposal area. The material was dredged hydraulically with a 6-blade cutterhead at 487-497 CY/hr and placed in the disposal area with a wing-mounted baffle plate connected to the pipeline slurry discharge. The dredging operations were completed within one month. A monitoring program was implemented at the site which was designed to monitor the dredging and disposal areas pre, during, and post-dredging/disposal.