USACE Makes Changes to West Bay Dredging Project

Authors: Demmeck, E.

Year: 2012

Reference: Demmeck, E. (2012) USACE Makes Changes to West Bay Dredging Project. Galveston Bay Foundation.

Summary: After concerns were raised about the placement of dredged material in placement area (PA) 62 in West Galveston Bay by the Galveston Bay Foundation and local fisherman, USACE took action. The USACE plans to do seagrass surveys in PA 62, and PA 63 (where they have already performed thin-layer placement). The dredged material thickness will be assessed in PA 63. The USACE will organize an interagency coordination team to discuss dredging on the Intracoastal Waterway. Half of the material that was planned for PA 62 will go to private property north of the Waterway. The material that must go to PA 62 will be placed as a thin-layer in the winter months.

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