Barataria Basin, LA

Project Sheet

Location: Lafourche Parish, LA, US

Year: 1986

Project Type(s): Marsh restoration

Project Description: In 1986, approximately 17 square meters of salt marshes located in Barataria Basin, LA received sediment applications at depths of 2-3 cm or 4-5 cm. The main purpose of this project was to ameliorate vegetation stress from increased inundation and accumulation of toxic sulfides. The applied sediment consisting of 40% fine sand, 28% coarse-fine silt, and 32% clays and organics was manually applied to the marsh surface from a nearby location. Aboveground biomass and vertical marsh accretion was assessed between reference marshes and marshes that received sediment. The addition of sediment to the marsh surface increased plant productivity, and decreased inundation due to an increase in elevation and nutrient supply.