Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary

Project Sheet

Location: Vermillion Parish, LA, US

Year: 2008

Project Type(s): Marsh restoration

Project Description: In July 2008, dredged material was mechanically pumped from a nearby oil canal into 20, 3 m by 4 m contained areas within the marsh located in the Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary, LA. Four different sediment depths were achieved by using the high water to sediment ratio sediment-slurry technique for spreading the dredged material. Sediment was applied to depths of either no sediment (control), 0-10 cm, 10-15 cm, or 15-20 cm. After three years, elevation gains of 3 cm were seen in the highest deposition areas as a result of consolidation and compression of the organic material below. Increased plant productivity due to nutrient additions was observed despite the small elevation gain. In addition, thicker thin layer placement applications onto the marsh resulted in a decrease in sulfide concentration and an increase in sulfate concentration.