Bayou Lafourche, LA

Project Sheet

Location: Lafourche Parish, Leeville, LA, US

Year: 2002

Project Type(s): Marsh restoration

Project Description: Seven and a half hectares of salt marshes south of Leeville, LA received dredged material in 2002. This marsh experienced a large scale disturbance in 2000 as a result of a record drought. The drought caused the sudden dieback of Spartina alterniflora. In some areas the marsh did not re-vegetate after the disturbance and was converted to mudflats. Dredged material was placed on previously vegetated areas to promote vegetation regrowth. Dredged material was placed on the marsh using the sediment-slurry technique, which utilizes a high water to sediment ratio to spread dredged material across the marsh surface. Seven years after placement, the marshes that received dredged material had equivalent total aboveground biomass, live biomass, stem density, and height of Spartina alterniflora comparable to the reference marsh.